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How do I recover my yahoo email username and Password?

1. Change your password:

  1. Change your password from a web browser :
  • Go to yahoo account.
  • Click account security.
  • Click change password.
  • Enter and confirm your new password.
  • Click continues.

B. Change your password from a yahoo app:

  • Tap menu icon.
  • Tap mange accounts.
  • Tap account info.
  • Tap security setting.
  • Enter security code.
  • Tap change password.
  • Tap I would rather change my password.
  • Enter new password and its confirmation and tap continue

C. change your password in the flick app for android:

  • Tap profile icon.
  • Tap setting.
  • Tap manage accounts.
  • Tap account info.
  • Tap security setting.
  • Sign- in and tap change password and follow the prompts

2. Forgotten password:

  • Verification includes account key sent to your mobile number or email.
  • Click if email or enter the code from mobile.
  • Change your password.

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How to Embed an Image into a Yahoo Email

  • Open yahoo mail, and type a message for your recipient.
  • Open another browser window.
  • Find an image you want to embed, and click on it open.
  • Click on image to get a pull-down menu.
  • Click on copy image option.
  • Return to yahoo mail and place a cursor inside a message where you want to place an image.
  • Press ctrl+v to paste an image or right click and paste it.
  • Click send.

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Yahoo Mail Vs. Hotmail Vs. Gmail – Which One is best?

Yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. Yahoo is one all told the world known platforms. It’s one all told the foremost used sites all over the world. It’s globally noted for its program, yahoo answers, yahoo finance, yahoo mail, yahoo groups etc. Yahoo can be a program, subject directory, and internet portal. Yahoo provides relatively good search results high-powered by their own program technology, at the aspect of many totally different Yahoo search selections. is to boot one all told the foremost fashionable destinations on the web, providing a web portal, a research engine, a directory, mail, news, maps, videos, social media sites, and lots of plenty of internet sites and services. Yahoo is one all told the absolute best browse news and media website. It’s the sixth most visited website globally. Yahoo operates a portal that has all the facilities to the users beneath one window. Gmail could be a free email service started by Google. It provides users with gigabyte storage for messages and also provides the facility of searching various messages. Gmail also organizes continuous messages between users in a conversational chain. Gmail is used by many users daily for sending and receiving emails for carrying out their business activities.



  1. Gmail’s killer feature is its powerful search. The search combined with labels and filters is just amazing.

  2. Never delete a message ever again as you have tons of storage! I don’t delete any of my messages instead I “Archive” them so that Inbox remains clean. Of course, both and Yahoo! Mail has unlimited storage but it’s Gmail which started the storage war with free storage that’s 250 times bigger than Hotmail.

  • You can send attachments up to 10 GB as Gmail is tightly integrated with Google Drive.


  1. 2. Gmail is heavy with too many unwanted features.

  2. 3. Gmail’s reading pane, known as Preview Pane, is a mess with ads, horizontal scroll bar, etc.

  • 4. Gmail’s sidebar is ugly with distracting and spam looking ads.

  1. 5. Replying to an e-mail message is awful as the reply window is very narrow with annoying ads.

  2. 6. You can’t recover a deleted message.



  1. 2. You can Delete, Move, Categorize, Mark as reading/unread, Sweep, Junk a message in one-click using Instant Actions.

  2. 3. You can sign in to your account using a one-time password (via SMS) so that you don’t have to enter your password if you’re using a shared PC.

  • 4. You can recover deleted messages in

  1. 5. You can create an alias (can be renamed or deleted) and it can be used as an additional e-mail address that’s linked to your primary e-mail account.



  1. 2. There’s no official app for iOS but you can access on your Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

  2. 3. I’m a fan of labels ever since I started using Gmail. supports folders and labels (known as categories) but there’s no option to delete the default labels.

  • 4. supports “Rules for sorting new messages” but it’s not as flexible as Gmail and moreover you can’t create a filter with multiple parameters. You have to create a separate filter for each rule.


Yahoo! Mail:-


  1. There is one feature that is likable about Yahoo! Mail, it’s the Disposable Addresses (but available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only).

  2. It’s different from “Plus addressing” of Gmail or Instead of adding a “+tag” after our username Yahoo! allows us to create another base name (call it an alias) and then we can add up to 500 unique tags separated by a “hyphen“.

  • For example,; rather than or



  1. 6. You can’t recover a deleted message.

  2. 7. it’s got an easy interface however it’s extremely boring.


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Below mentioned is a tabular form comparison of Yahoo Mail vs. Hotmail vs. Gmail and it’s totally up to you to choose which one is best.

Gmail vs. Hotmail vs. Yahoo! Mail: A Quick Comparison

Features Gmail Yahoo! Mail
Free Storage Space 10 GB (and counting) Unlimited Unlimited
Attachment Limit 25 MB (10 GB via Google Drive) 25 MB (10 GB via SkyDrive) 25 MB
Mail Access Features Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), IMAP, POP Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), POP IMAP, POP
Automatic E-mail Forwarding Yes Yes Available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
Send Mail From Your Other Address Yes Yes Yes
Sub-addressing (?) Yes (‘+’ symbol) Yes (‘+’ symbol) Available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
Social No Yes, connect your account to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn No
Create E-mail Aliases No Yes Available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
Account Expiration after 9 months of inactivity after 9 months of inactivity after 6+2 months of inactivity
Ads Yes, annoying & spam text ads Yes, not-so annoying tile ads Yes, ugly banner ads
Cost Free (with an option to buy extra storage) Free (ad-free Hotmail costs $19.95 a year) Free (Plus costs $19.99 a year)

How to add yahoo search bar in my browser?

For Chrome

  • Tap on the Settings icon and then choose settings.
  • In the “Settings” option a new tab appears.
  • Beneath “Search,” opt for Yahoo from the drop-down.
  • Now close the “Settings” tab.
  • Tap on manage Search Engines.
  • After this a search engines window appears.
  • Click on Yahoo and make it as your default search bar.
  • Tap to done and close the “Settings” tab.

For safari

  • First tap on safari then choose preferences.
  • Now in the Safari Preferences a window appears.
  • Tap on the General tab.
  • After this you can choose yahoo as your default search engine drop-down.
  • Finally close the window.

For Internet Explorer

  • First, tap on the Tools icon from the Tools menu icon.
  • Now choose Manage add-ons.
  • In the “Manage Add-ons” a window will appear.
  • Tap in the Search Providers.
  • Choose yahoo as default.
  • Lastly Tap Close.

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How to delete all inbox emails from Yahoo?

1. Deleting all messages via the website:

  • Access your yahoo mail account.
  • Select a folder.
  • Tick on the checkbox on the header toolbar to select all emails.
  • Delete the messages.
  • Empty the trash folder.

2. Deleting all messages via mobile app:

  • Launch the yahoo mail app and sign-in.
  • Go to folder where the emails to delete are in.
  • Tap trash folder.
  • Select all messages.
  • Delete those selected messages.
  • Empty the trash folder.

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What is Yahoo Directory?

Yahoo! Directory was an online directory that at just one fraction rivaled DMOZ in size. The directory was Yahoo!’s initial giving and began in 1994. Once Yahoo! modified to crawler-based listings for its main ends up in October 2002, the human-edited directory’s significance born, however, it had been still being updated as of April 16, 2014. Users might browse thousands of listings that were organized in seven or a lot of tiers. For instance, if a user was looking for a site on chess they might follow a path such as recreation -> games -> board games -> chess.

Yahoo the Ruler of net:

When Yahoo began in 1994, the foremost common means individuals found websites was to flick through lists, wherever sites were usually organized into topics.

Yahoo quickly became the foremost in style computer program on the internet. A “directory” depends on humans to review websites, summarize them with short descriptions and organize them into classes. Once Yahoo started, this method was effective, as a result of there weren’t that much pages on the internet and automatic search technology to arrange websites wasn’t cool.

Google surpasses Yahoo directory:

Google came on in 1998 and quickly verified that you simply may have search results generated by automation, instead of through human effort, and have higher connection.

With Yahoo, it absolutely was as if you were looking for books during library with an old style card catalogue system, wherever all you knew a few book was five to ten words approximately describing it. With Google, it absolutely was as if you’ll search through each page of each book within the library. You didn’t miss that needle in an exceeding rich. Google’s search algorithmic rule was higher than others.

Indeed, Google’s search algorithmic rule was therefore smart that in 2000, Yahoo partnered up with Google. Google became Yahoo’s fourth partner: Open Text was the primary, AltaVista the second and Inktomi the third.

By 2002, Yahoo realized that Google’s search results were so good that it made a dramatic shift and presented those as the main listings to searchers at Yahoo. That was effectively the start of the Yahoo Directory’s long, slow death.

Indeed, in 2003, Yahoo completed the purchase of Inktomi, so it could have its own crawler-based listings. That led to the eventual end of its deal with Google. But for Google, it didn’t matter. Eventually, Yahoo even abandoned its own search technology and outsourced to Microsoft for it.

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How to Create a Yahoo! Store via Yahoo Designer?

Yahoo Store Merchandiser Solutions are that the best and most convenient, thanks to Yahoo store for your online business. Ranging from your whole image to the presentation of your merchandise, Yahoo tiny Business is that the ideal ecommerce platform. Yahoo developer’s, armed with highly-experienced Yahoo Store developers and designers, offers an associate array of top-notch Yahoo e-commerce styles to assist you to leverage Yahoo’s sturdy and reliable network to maximize your ROI.

Yahoo Store is that the prime e-Business service organizations within the business, destroying each different competition in the net or on-line looking sites. It provides additional noteworthy visibility and additional on-line activity for your things through Yahoo Store Customization service. It includes a straightforward store administrator, secure exchanges, and permits easy repairs for a considerable range of merchandise.

Yahoo developer’s styles and developers will produce a perfect design for your Yahoo e-commerce Store, and everyone that at a reasonable price with short work time. Tell our Yahoo Store designers what you would like and that they can style and develop a custom-built Yahoo e-commerce website that matches all of your business necessities. Your company image matters even as very much like the service you give, thus allowing us to assist you thereupon initial 1st impression.

Creating a Yahoo Store via Yahoo Designer:


Keeping in mind the tip goal to choose up the foremost extreme revenue from your Yahoo Store, it should be valued upgrading your current Yahoo Store. Our architects deliberately dissect your business qualities and shopper attributes to spot the foremost acceptable arrange that is snappy to eyes and therefore the best in convenience. Yahoo Store defines and advancement specialists’ square measure excited to supply you the best makeover and customized search and compassionate your current Yahoo Store.

Yahoo Store is associating exceptionally helpful it makes to carry a shopper for an additional drawn out timeframe in your store. The extra time a traveller spends on the positioning most live of knowledge can expire and on these lines, a guest remains on-line can create a deal. You’ll build a suggestion accomplishment with Yahoo Store define and might have fifty thousand things over it. With Yahoo store, you get an associate comprehensive organized strategy to induce shopper and utilization which will build them feel improved and redesigned. Yahoo offers an in-depth style of the facility which will provide shopper an opportunity to understand during an additional upgraded method.

It is exceptionally simple and easy to form the net business store with Yahoo! nonetheless, simply with the creation won’t lead you to action. There square measures are totally different elements to that you would like to require care off. With the right mastermind approach can spruce up the weather, upgrade and therefore the general website look. The shoppers reliably got to have the one in all a form ordeal through his/her on-line business looking. These square measure are some of the items that an associated skilled creator will cover and enhance the site’ UI and feel so even a bit store will look higher aggressive and skilled.

In a nutshell, it is often terminated that your queries concerning a way to produce a Yahoo! Store via Yahoo Designer is solved. If not, or just in case you’ve got the other question concerning this error be happy to contact to our toll-free Helpline range +1-844-888-3860.

How to Switch & Change Yahoo Mail Versions

How to Switch & Change Yahoo Mail Versions?

Yahoo Mail comes in 2 versions: full featured and basic. The total featured version is newer version and is, of course, suggested by Yahoo. However, if you favor a lot of efficient, straightforward version of mail, you’ll use Yahoo’s Basic Mail.

The full featured version of Yahoo Mail includes customized themes, stationery, and organization of messages by language, inline image attachments, filters, Yahoo traveller, and even the power to look at connected pictures as a slide show. The essential version doesn’t embrace these options, and cannot embrace any new options additional to the total featured version. You’ll simply switch between the 2 versions whenever you would like, though.

To switch to Yahoo Basic Mail follow the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account in a browser and hover your mouse over the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the browser window.
  2. Click “Settings” on the dropdown menu.
  3. On the Settings dialog box, click “Viewing email” in the list of options on the left if that is not already the active screen.
  4. At the bottom of the Viewing email screen, click “Basic” in the Mail version section.
  5. Then, click “Save” in the lower-left corner of the Settings dialog box.
  6. Yahoo Mail is automatically refreshed and the Basic version displays. Changing the version of Yahoo Mail does not affect your email messages.
  7. To go back to the full featured version of Yahoo Mail (as long as the minimum requirements are met), click the “Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail” link in the upper-right corner of the Basic Mail screen.
  8. The selected version will be used when you sign in to your Yahoo Mail account in any browser on any computer.

NOTE: There are certain basic requirements for using the new version of Yahoo Mail. In case, Yahoo Mail gets an unsupported browser or screen resolution, slow bandwidth, JavaScript problems, it will automatically be switched to Basic Mail.

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How to Show Full Headers in Yahoo! Mail

The world of today is the world of technology. Today, we are surrounded by technology. We use the devices, gadgets & techniques to get our work done. One of such use is sending emails. One of the widely used websites for sending emails is

However, there is a certain problem that users face regarding how to use or be showed Full Headers in Yahoo! Mail. But the question arises what does showing full header means?

Actually, many times email can fail to work properly. Luckily, each message comes with its own log, that details all the steps it’s taken.


In Yahoo Mail, these details are sometimes hidden. However, if issues occur — if you get a message long once has been sent, as an example — you’ll be able to take a glance in any respect the header lines of a message.

In order to urge over such user hampering problem. Follow the below-mentioned steps to envision full headers in Yahoo mail in each recent and new version:-

See All Headers of a Message in Yahoo! Mail

  1. Open the desired email.
  2. Click Actions in the message’s toolbar.

iii.            Select View Full Header from the menu.

  1. Click OK to close the Full Header dialog box.

See All Headers of a Message in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To see all header lines of associate degree email in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  1. Open the message.
  2. Click Full Headers.
  3. You can find the Full Headers link at the bottom of the message, to the right.

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