How to Use Contact Categories as Distribution Lists in Outlook

Outlook distribution lists are terribly fast and simple for sending to a large group of individuals fast. They’re conjointly not possible to search, very difficult to administer and also a bit clingy to boot also. Well thanks to developers that Outlook helps you to assign any number of categories to your contacts. You’ll be able to sort your address book by category and Bingo! , you’re ready you’re your new elegant, versatile and stable list.

  1. In order create a distribution list with categories in Outlook:
  1. Open Contacts in Outlook.
  2. ​Ensure thatall contacts you want to add to your new distribution list are highlighted.
  • To add people not yet in your Outlook contacts, create them first, by pressing Ctrl-N.
  • You can highlight multiple entries by holding down Shift-Ctrlwhile you select them usingthe mouse, and a range by holding down Shift
  1. Ensure that the Home ribbon is selected and expanded.
  2. Tap Categorize in the Tags section.
  3. Select All Categories… from the drop-down menu.
  4. Tap New located in the colour Categories window.
  5. Type the distribution list’s desired name under the field of Name.
  6. Choose None under colour section or, choose your favourite colour.
  7. Tap OK.
  8. Now Tap OK again.
  1. In order to add new membersto the distribution list whenever you want:
  1. Go to Contacts in Outlook.
  2. Highlight all the contacts you want to add to the list.
  3. Ensure that the Home ribbon is expanded.
  4. Tap Categorize in the ribbon’s Tags section.
  5. Ensure that the list’s category is selected.
  • ​If the category does not appear in the menu:
    1. ​Select All Categories located in the menu.
    2. Ensure that the list’s category is checked in the Namecolumn.
  • Tap OK.

III.                In order to send a Message to your Category Distribution List:

If you want to write a message regarding any meeting requesting all the members to attend it follow the below steps:-

  1. Go to Contacts in Outlook.
  2. Tap Search Contacts.
  3. ​Ensure thatthe Search ribbon is expanded.
  4. Tap Categorized in the Search ribbon’s Refine section.
  5. Select the desired category from the menu that has appeared.
  6. Open the Home ribbon.
  7. Tap Mail Merge in the Actions section.
  8. Ensure thatall contacts in current view are selected under Contacts.
  9. Most importantly, Ensure that:-
  • Form Lettersis selected under ​Document type:
  • E-mailunder Merge to: in the Merge options
  1. Enter the subject for the email under Message subject line:
  2. Tap OK.
  3. Compose the email’s text in Word.
  • ​You can use the tools in the Write & Insert Fieldssection of the Mailings ribbon to adapt greetings for each recipient, for example, and insert or use other address book fields.
  • Preview Resultslets you test what your fields and rules will produce in each recipient’s email text.
  1. Tap Finish & Merge in the Mailings ribbon’s Finish section.
  2. Select Send Email Message.
  3. Ensure thatthe appropriate email address book field (typically Email) is selected under to: for Message options.
  4. Select Plain text or HTML (includes formatting) under Mail format:.
    • ​It is usually better to avoid Attachment for this selection; it will deliver the message’s text as a Word attachment, which recipients typically cannot read directly but have to open separately.
  1. Ensure thatallis selected under Send records.
  1. Tap OK.
  2. If prompted:
  • Tap Allowunder A program is trying to access e-mail address information stored in Outlook. .
  1. Now, you can simple close and discard or save the document in word as you like.

Hope, this text was helpful for using contact categories as distribution lists in Outlook. If not, or simply just in case you’ve got the opposite question regarding it be at liberty to contact to our toll-free Helpline range +1-844-888-3860. Our service team consists of professionally trained and well-experienced staff which will resolve users’ questions as quickly as possible.