How to Block Your Contacts in Gmail?

  • Sign-in into your Gmail account.
  • Click on the ‘Contacts’ link. ‘From the ‘Contacts’ list, choose the contact.
  • Choose ‘Block’ from the ‘Show in Quick Contacts’ column.
  • Click on block and that particular contact is blocked.

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How to Embed an Image into a Yahoo Email

  • Open yahoo mail, and type a message for your recipient.
  • Open another browser window.
  • Find an image you want to embed, and click on it open.
  • Click on image to get a pull-down menu.
  • Click on copy image option.
  • Return to yahoo mail and place a cursor inside a message where you want to place an image.
  • Press ctrl+v to paste an image or right click and paste it.
  • Click send.

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How to Enable and Disable Gmail 2 Step Verification?

Signing in with a password and a verification code means your account is more secure. When you remove this extra layer of security, you will only be asked for a password when you sign in, which makes it easier for someone to break into your account. Two-step authentication is a method to secure your Gmail accounts.

  • Firstly, a user is required to visit to Google’s “2-Step Verification” page and then click on the “Get Started” icon.
  • Enter the Google email as well as password to login into the account.
  • Click on the “Start setup” Button.
  • Adding your phone number which Google has send the six-digit verification code to you is an essential step to be considered by users.
  • Phone number verification number is an essential task where a user will be asked to enter the six-digit code sent by the Google.
  • Choose whether or not you wish to add your current computer as a trusted device.
  • Confirmation of a 2-step verification method is required by users to complete the process.
  • The process ensures to users that they do have access to their physical devices as well as to their virtual passwords.

Enable and Disable 2- step verification:

  • Sign- in and security.
  • Select 2- step verification.
  • Sign-in with your username, password and verification code sends to your mobile.
  • Choose “Turn Off” 2-step verification.
  • Click OK, to disable 2-step verification.
  • Click “turn on” button for enabling.

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Yahoo Mail Vs. Hotmail Vs. Gmail – Which One is best?

Yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. Yahoo is one all told the world known platforms. It’s one all told the foremost used sites all over the world. It’s globally noted for its program, yahoo answers, yahoo finance, yahoo mail, yahoo groups etc. Yahoo can be a program, subject directory, and internet portal. Yahoo provides relatively good search results high-powered by their own program technology, at the aspect of many totally different Yahoo search selections. Yahoo.com is to boot one all told the foremost fashionable destinations on the web, providing a web portal, a research engine, a directory, mail, news, maps, videos, social media sites, and lots of plenty of internet sites and services. Yahoo is one all told the absolute best browse news and media website. It’s the sixth most visited website globally. Yahoo operates a portal that has all the facilities to the users beneath one window. Gmail could be a free email service started by Google. It provides users with gigabyte storage for messages and also provides the facility of searching various messages. Gmail also organizes continuous messages between users in a conversational chain. Gmail is used by many users daily for sending and receiving emails for carrying out their business activities.



  1. Gmail’s killer feature is its powerful search. The search combined with labels and filters is just amazing.

  2. Never delete a message ever again as you have tons of storage! I don’t delete any of my messages instead I “Archive” them so that Inbox remains clean. Of course, both Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail has unlimited storage but it’s Gmail which started the storage war with free storage that’s 250 times bigger than Hotmail.

  • You can send attachments up to 10 GB as Gmail is tightly integrated with Google Drive.


  1. 2. Gmail is heavy with too many unwanted features.

  2. 3. Gmail’s reading pane, known as Preview Pane, is a mess with ads, horizontal scroll bar, etc.

  • 4. Gmail’s sidebar is ugly with distracting and spam looking ads.

  1. 5. Replying to an e-mail message is awful as the reply window is very narrow with annoying ads.

  2. 6. You can’t recover a deleted message.



  1. 2. You can Delete, Move, Categorize, Mark as reading/unread, Sweep, Junk a message in one-click using Instant Actions.

  2. 3. You can sign in to your account using a one-time password (via SMS) so that you don’t have to enter your password if you’re using a shared PC.

  • 4. You can recover deleted messages in Outlook.com.

  1. 5. You can create an alias (can be renamed or deleted) and it can be used as an additional e-mail address that’s linked to your primary e-mail account.



  1. 2. There’s no official Outlook.com app for iOS but you can access Outlook.com on your Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

  2. 3. I’m a fan of labels ever since I started using Gmail. Outlook.com supports folders and labels (known as categories) but there’s no option to delete the default labels.

  • 4. Outlook.com supports “Rules for sorting new messages” but it’s not as flexible as Gmail and moreover you can’t create a filter with multiple parameters. You have to create a separate filter for each rule.


Yahoo! Mail:-


  1. There is one feature that is likable about Yahoo! Mail, it’s the Disposable Addresses (but available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only).

  2. It’s different from “Plus addressing” of Gmail or Outlook.com. Instead of adding a “+tag” after our username Yahoo! allows us to create another base name (call it an alias) and then we can add up to 500 unique tags separated by a “hyphen“.

  • For example, rajuone-facebook@yahoo.com; rajeshtwo-twitter@yahoo.com rather than rajeshone+twitter@hotmail.com or rajuone+twitter@gmail.com



  1. 6. You can’t recover a deleted message.

  2. 7. it’s got an easy interface however it’s extremely boring.


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Below mentioned is a tabular form comparison of Yahoo Mail vs. Hotmail vs. Gmail and it’s totally up to you to choose which one is best.

Gmail vs. Hotmail Outlook.com vs. Yahoo! Mail: A Quick Comparison

Features Gmail Outlook.com Yahoo! Mail
Free Storage Space 10 GB (and counting) Unlimited Unlimited
Attachment Limit 25 MB (10 GB via Google Drive) 25 MB (10 GB via SkyDrive) 25 MB
Mail Access Features Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), IMAP, POP Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), POP IMAP, POP
Automatic E-mail Forwarding Yes Yes Available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
Send Mail From Your Other Address Yes Yes Yes
Sub-addressing (?) Yes (‘+’ symbol) Yes (‘+’ symbol) Available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
Social No Yes, connect your account to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn No
Create E-mail Aliases No Yes Available for Yahoo! Mail Plus users only
Account Expiration after 9 months of inactivity after 9 months of inactivity after 6+2 months of inactivity
Ads Yes, annoying & spam text ads Yes, not-so annoying tile ads Yes, ugly banner ads
Cost Free (with an option to buy extra storage) Free (ad-free Hotmail costs $19.95 a year) Free (Plus costs $19.99 a year)

How to add yahoo search bar in my browser?

For Chrome

  • Tap on the Settings icon and then choose settings.
  • In the “Settings” option a new tab appears.
  • Beneath “Search,” opt for Yahoo from the drop-down.
  • Now close the “Settings” tab.
  • Tap on manage Search Engines.
  • After this a search engines window appears.
  • Click on Yahoo and make it as your default search bar.
  • Tap to done and close the “Settings” tab.

For safari

  • First tap on safari then choose preferences.
  • Now in the Safari Preferences a window appears.
  • Tap on the General tab.
  • After this you can choose yahoo as your default search engine drop-down.
  • Finally close the window.

For Internet Explorer

  • First, tap on the Tools icon from the Tools menu icon.
  • Now choose Manage add-ons.
  • In the “Manage Add-ons” a window will appear.
  • Tap in the Search Providers.
  • Choose yahoo as default.
  • Lastly Tap Close.

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How to Change Your Gmail Password?

Using Gmail website:

  • Log into your Gmail account.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Click “My Account” and Click on “Sign-in & security”
  • Click on “Password & sign-in method”.
  • Click on “Password”, enter your current password and sign-in.
  • Enter your new password.
  • Change your password and make the password hard to guess with different characters (ex-!@#$*78.,’;).
  • Click on change password.
  • Log in with your new password.

Using an android device:

  • Open the setting menu on your android phone.
  • Go down to personal section.
  • Tap on Google services and tap sign-in &security.
  • Tap password and type your current password.
  • Type your new password and click on eye symbol to see your new password.
  • Retype your new password and confirm it.
  • Tap change password.
  • Sign-in with your new password.
  • By this method, you can change from ipad or iphone.

Using Google my account website:

  • Visit my account website in your browser.
  • Sign-in to your account (which you want to change password).
  • Click on signing into Google.
  • Click password and enter your password if prompted.
  • Type your new password and retype it.
  • Click the change password button.
  • Log in with new password.

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How to delete all inbox emails from Yahoo?

1. Deleting all messages via the website:

  • Access your yahoo mail account.
  • Select a folder.
  • Tick on the checkbox on the header toolbar to select all emails.
  • Delete the messages.
  • Empty the trash folder.

2. Deleting all messages via mobile app:

  • Launch the yahoo mail app and sign-in.
  • Go to folder where the emails to delete are in.
  • Tap trash folder.
  • Select all messages.
  • Delete those selected messages.
  • Empty the trash folder.

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How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail: 10 Steps

1. Transferring contacts only :

    • Open your Hotmail account.
    • Click on the Contacts link.
    • Click on the Manage menu, and choose Export.
    • Log into Gmail.
    • Click on Gmail icon.
    • Click on import contact.
    • Click on choose file and open the file named “WLMContacts.csv”
    • Click the blue Import button to import your contacts.
    • Email your contacts with your new mail id.

2. Transfer everything:

      • Sign-in to your Gmail account.
      • Click on setting.
      • Click on accounts and imports.
      • Click on import mail and contacts.
      • Click on import mail and contacts links.
      • Enter your hotmail address and password.
      • Choose your import options and start import.
      • It will take some time to finish.

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What is Yahoo Directory?

Yahoo! Directory was an online directory that at just one fraction rivaled DMOZ in size. The directory was Yahoo!’s initial giving and began in 1994. Once Yahoo! modified to crawler-based listings for its main ends up in October 2002, the human-edited directory’s significance born, however, it had been still being updated as of April 16, 2014. Users might browse thousands of listings that were organized in seven or a lot of tiers. For instance, if a user was looking for a site on chess they might follow a path such as recreation -> games -> board games -> chess.

Yahoo the Ruler of net:

When Yahoo began in 1994, the foremost common means individuals found websites was to flick through lists, wherever sites were usually organized into topics.

Yahoo quickly became the foremost in style computer program on the internet. A “directory” depends on humans to review websites, summarize them with short descriptions and organize them into classes. Once Yahoo started, this method was effective, as a result of there weren’t that much pages on the internet and automatic search technology to arrange websites wasn’t cool.

Google surpasses Yahoo directory:

Google came on in 1998 and quickly verified that you simply may have search results generated by automation, instead of through human effort, and have higher connection.

With Yahoo, it absolutely was as if you were looking for books during library with an old style card catalogue system, wherever all you knew a few book was five to ten words approximately describing it. With Google, it absolutely was as if you’ll search through each page of each book within the library. You didn’t miss that needle in an exceeding rich. Google’s search algorithmic rule was higher than others.

Indeed, Google’s search algorithmic rule was therefore smart that in 2000, Yahoo partnered up with Google. Google became Yahoo’s fourth partner: Open Text was the primary, AltaVista the second and Inktomi the third.

By 2002, Yahoo realized that Google’s search results were so good that it made a dramatic shift and presented those as the main listings to searchers at Yahoo. That was effectively the start of the Yahoo Directory’s long, slow death.

Indeed, in 2003, Yahoo completed the purchase of Inktomi, so it could have its own crawler-based listings. That led to the eventual end of its deal with Google. But for Google, it didn’t matter. Eventually, Yahoo even abandoned its own search technology and outsourced to Microsoft for it.

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